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Welcome to Friends of Koko Head Elementary

Friends of Koko Head plays a vital role in fostering a supportive and engaging environment for students, parents, and staff. 

Committed to enhancing the educational experience, the Friends of Koko Head consistently organizes various programs and activities that promote academic growth, social development, and community involvement

The Friends of Koko Head open lines of communication between parents and teachers, fostering a collaborative partnership that nurtures student success to make a positive impact on the entire school community.

Meet your board members

Lauren Cooper . president

The president of the Koko Head Elementary School PTA is an exceptional leader who dedicates their time and energy to serving the school community. With a passion for education and a strong commitment to the students, parents, and staff, the president plays a crucial role in guiding and coordinating the PTA's activities. They are responsible for organizing meetings, setting agendas, and facilitating discussions to ensure effective communication among PTA members. Additionally, the president collaborates closely with the school administration, teachers, and parents to address concerns, implement initiatives, and advocate for the best interests of the students. Through their vision, dedication, and ability to bring people together, the president of the Koko Head Elementary School PTA is instrumental in creating a positive and enriching educational environment for all.

Ana Bravo . vice president

The vice president of the Friends of Koko Head is an integral member of the organization, bringing valuable leadership and support to its mission. With a passion for education and a deep commitment to the school community, the vice president works closely with the president and other Friends of Koko Head members to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. They actively participate in meetings, provide input on decision-making processes, and assist in planning and executing various events and initiatives. The vice president also serves as a liaison between the Friends of Koko Head and parents, teachers, and school administration, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. Their dedication, organizational skills, and ability to work well with others contribute significantly to creating a positive and inclusive environment for students, parents, and staff at Koko Head Elementary School.

Lyla Clark . treasurer

The treasurer of the Friends of Koko Head is a meticulous and reliable individual entrusted with managing the organization's finances. They play a critical role in ensuring transparency, accuracy, and accountability in all financial matters. The treasurer diligently keeps track of income and expenses, maintains financial records, and prepares budgets and financial reports for Friends of Koko Head. They work closely with the Friends of Koko Head board and members to develop effective fundraising strategies and allocate funds appropriately to support various programs and initiatives. The treasurer also handles financial transactions, such as collecting dues and managing reimbursements. Their careful attention to detail and financial expertise help maintain the financial stability and integrity of the Koko Head Elementary School, contributing to its overall success in serving the needs of the school community.

Nancy Chi . secretary

The secretary of Friends of Koko Head is a crucial role that supports the smooth operation of the organization. The secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate records, documenting meeting minutes, and handling correspondence. They play a vital role in keeping Friends of Koko Head members informed about important updates, events, and decisions. The secretary assists in organizing meetings, distributing agendas, and ensuring that all relevant documents and materials are readily available. Their attention to detail and excellent organizational skills help in preserving a comprehensive record of Friends of Koko Head activities and decisions. The secretary also acts as a point of contact for communication between Friends of Koko Head, parents, and the school administration. With their efficient and reliable support, the secretary of Friends of Koko Head contributes to fostering effective communication and coordination within the organization.
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